Infiniteform was founded to embrace the concept of being ‘unbounded’. It approaches that living an Infinite life unlocks possibilities through everything we pursue. Infiniteform started as mindset from the Owner and Founder Greg Jones. He experienced a major weight loss journey losing +70 pounds. He built a community of risk-taking and hard-working individuals who share the excitement for what is now possible.

Infiniteform was founded to integrate the mindset we learn through training into everything we pursue. Training is a continuous process that has no ending. We continue to push beyond our limits to become the best version of who we are. Every day we train provides a new obstacles a new opportunity for growth. It requires mental strength and discipline as it does physical to embrace in our new journey. Sometimes we lose track and fall of the wagon, but we continue to keep striving for greatness. We may experience a plateau during our journey but these experiences drives us forward. 

The game of life never involves just one purpose. We have many purposes and goals we set for ourselves. We will continue to embrace new challenges, new experiences, new adventures, and much more. We see challenges as an opportunity, not a setback. Our train allows us to be physically and mentally focused for the next adventure. Whether we are up or down at any given moment, the Rooted Without Limits means living with a can-do attitude to truly live life without impossibility.  


ɪnfɪnɪt - subject to no limitation, which represents three key principles. BEING UNBOUNDEDNO FINITE GOALJUST INFINITE GROWTH. We live and breath through these 3 principles in our design flow. Every detail of the design, fabric, and technology to the features, adjustments, that ensures we’re unlocking your full potential.


Mediocrity is the result of rejecting the calling to become what we believe we have potential to be. Life is ours design and it’s our one and only. We start by escaping the limited perspective that mediocrity fosters. Rising above the walls to a vantage point which reveals the mountains we were meant to climb. We get a glimpse of a future that lies beyond resistance. A place with endless possibilities, true freedom, and absolute fulfillment.


The only thing stopping you from reaching your goals and dreams are your limits. It’s when you meet your limits you feel resistance and things you want seem harder to achieve. To reach your dreams or goals, you need to push through your limits and past your comfort zone. There are no shortcuts. Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.


Each phase has optimized our performance, alignment, and mind-state so that we can now become a version of ourselves more capable than we ever imagined. Fully awake and connected with the pursuit that is most important to our soul’s evolution; we start to progress exponentially.